Event Production & Branding

QVision’s Event Production Facility is nothing short of an expansive creative haven, spanning a sprawling 5000 sqm and boasting cutting-edge equipment that ranks among the finest in the region. Within these walls, the art of bringing bespoke event dreams to life is a daily ritual. Our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment combine forces to produce awe-inspiring event decorations, sets, props, stages, interior event fit-outs, and uniquely designed models.

Our credentials are a testament to our expertise, with a rich history of successfully delivering projects for illustrious clients such as FIFA World Cup™, FIFA Arab Cup™, FIFA Club World Cup™, Qatar Energy, Qatar Airways, The World Athletics Championships, and FORMULA 1®.

But that’s not all—QVision takes pride in housing the largest branding printing facility in the state of Qatar, equipped with cutting-edge, large-scale printing equipment. This allows us to fulfill any event branding requirement, from adorning stadiums to dressing towering skyscrapers and even entire cityscapes.

For the FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar, we achieved the monumental feat of printing and delivering over 600,000 sqm of branded fabrics, transforming the entire nation into a vibrant tapestry of color and identity. At QVision, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of event production knows no bounds, and our facility is the epicenter of innovation where creative visions come to life.