For an impressive span of seven consecutive years, spanning from 2002 to 2007 Qvision held the distinguished position of being the primary producer and technical supplier for the esteemed Doha Cultural Festival This annual event, organized by the Qatari Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage, embarked on its cultural journey in 2002 driven by the noble goal of propagating Qatari culture both within the nation and across international borders.

The Doha Cultural Festival served as a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultural expressions Its rich program encompassed a wide array of activities, from enchanting poetry evenings and stirring operas to captivating theatrical performances and soul stirring Arabic melodies Within its diverse offerings, the festival played host to an array of folklore and performance troupes, each dedicated to bringing their respective countries’ rich heritage to life, resplendent in traditional attire that told the story of the past.