For the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, Qvision, a leading Qatar technical production company, chose grandMA3 control systems for lighting and SFX across all eight stadiums. Sharif Hashisho, CEO of Qvision, highlighted the installation of 16 grandMA3 consoles, two in each stadium, offering flexibility and redundancy. The consoles controlled stadium ‘legacy’ LED lights and moving lights for infotainment segments, including pre-match shows with synchronized effects, flames, and pyros. Qvision invested in new grandMA3 consoles and expanded its inventory due to the system’s reliability and user-friendly interface. The lighting rigs featured Clay Paky equipment and DALI for seamless control. The grandMA3 systems facilitated offline programming, quick synchronization, and precise timing for infotainment segments, earning praise as an industry standard. Qvision’s team of 72 crew members, including lighting operators, technicians, and project managers, successfully delivered captivating infotainment experiences throughout the World Cup, showcasing Qvision’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and event excellence.