QVision Productions, founded in 1992, has evolved into Qatar’s leading events company, boasting a diverse portfolio in event organization, multimedia, and production. Under the leadership of CEO Sharif Hashisho, the company, part of Sharif Omar Hashisho Holding, encompasses subsidiaries such as Audio Visual Technology, Gravity Media Qatar, Elegant Events, and Brand Expression. QVision’s impressive growth, catalyzed by key projects like the 15th Asian Games in 2006, has positioned it as a one-stop-shop for comprehensive event solutions, from branding to production. Hashisho shares the company’s journey, emphasizing its $50-60 million worth and over 600 employees. The firm’s strategic approach involves inhouse control, ensuring seamless operations and successful project delivery. Hashisho also outlines plans for expansion into Saudi Arabia, building on Qatar’s hosting experience and international collaboration. Despite the challenge of international competition, QVision remains committed to excellence, evidenced by its strong track record and plans for the future.

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