Qvision boasts an impressive legacy in developing, producing, and seamlessly integrating special effects ( into live events Our extensive inventory of EFX equipment is continuously employed in numerous projects, enhancing the “wow factor” and evoking emotions that leave a lasting impact Whether the need is for simple or intricate special effects, we have it all […]


Qvision has taken to the skies, elevating live events to new heights with the integration of cutting edge drone technology Our extensive experience includes acquiring all the necessary licenses for awe inspiring aerial shows We’ve been at the forefront of this technological revolution, orchestrating mesmerizing drone displays that paint the sky with synchronized patterns and […]


Qvision has mastered the art of infusing live events with a touch of aquatic enchantment, weaving the magic of water into countless mesmerizing shows Our extensive experience in water element integration encompasses a diverse range of aquatic features, from graceful water curtains to the harmonious choreography of musical water fountains We’re also well versed in […]


With an extensive track record spanning numerous years, Qvision has established itself as a formidable leader in the design, production, delivery, and integration of laser shows within the realm of event and ceremony production Whether it involves deploying city wide laser show equipment with a staggering 40 watt capacity or creating intricate RGB color laser […]


With an illustrious history spanning over 35 years, Qvision has emerged as the sole authorized importer of explosive fireworks materials into Qatar, holding the exclusive license granted by the esteemed Ministry of Interior Our impeccable safety record, marked by an astonishing zero incident rate, reflects our unwavering commitment to precision and safety across more than […]


Qvision proudly stands as the sole authorized importer of explosive fireworks materials into Qatar for an impressive span of 35 years, holding the official license granted by the Ministry of Interior. A testament to our unwavering commitment to sa fet y and precision is our unparalleled record of over 500 fireworks displays, executed with a […]


Qvision boasts a remarkable legacy of over 35 years as the exclusive licensed importer of explosive fireworks materials into Qatar, a distinction conferred upon us by the Ministry of Interior Over the years, our unwavering commitment to safety and excellence has led us to produce an extensive portfolio of more than 500 fireworks displays, all […]