Qvision stands at the forefront of introducing bespoke immersive technologies to the events hosted within the State of Qatar With years of experience, we have pioneered the engineering, construction, and deployment of state of the art interactive experiences and kinetic installations Our primary goal is to craft emotionally resonant and unforgettable encounters that allow people to intimately connect with your brand, its narrative, and its core values Through our expertise, we create Kinetic Walls that foster a dialogue between spaces and audiences, a Matrix featuring 45 individually controlled monitors that move harmoniously with the content, a Phyxel Screen composed of custom double faced pixels that react to user engagement, bespoke information points, the Nebulae, a Kinetic Scanner, and the Donuts Photo Stage, a set of three activations initially designed and fabricated for the Barzan Gas Project inauguration event in Doha Additionally, our offerings include the solar power panel, which responds to user interaction through hand movements in the space, the touchstone information table, and the hologram walkthrough screen, all designed to transform motion into a deeply moving emotional experience At Qvision, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of immersive technologies to leave a lasting impact.